Owner Aldo Zenone opened his restaurant, Aldo's Ristorante Italiano in New Westminster in 1992, along with his wife and two sons. He proudly serves traditional homemade Italian recipes. He uses only the finest, freshest ingredients. The food is exquisite in its quality and taste. His homemade pasta sauces and pizza dough provide a taste experience you will always want to come back.
The Tomato
The "mother" of cuisine, Italy, assimilated many products of the New World and helped introduce them into the Old. It is hard to imagine modern Italian cooking without the tomato, yet no European ever set eyes on it before Cortes conquered Mexico. The first Italian description of a tomato, in 1554, called it pomo d'oro or "golden apple". The first tomato seen in Europe was in fact yellow in color and about the size of a cherry. It took nearly two centuries for the Italians to develop new, bigger, red varieties and to use the the tomato regularly in cooking